Sex & Consciousness Coaching in Cape Town

Somatic healing for men, women and couples

Sex coaching cape town

Sexual expansion and healing

for Women

  • Heal disassociation from the body
  • Restore a healthy relationship to pleasure
  • Gain confidence in sensual expression
  • Know how to access the Divine within yourself and maintain that presence when with a partner.

for Men

  • Cure premature ejaculation
  • Help with erectile dysfunction
  • Restore sensitivity to pleasure
  • Integrate your masculine and feminine energies to become a more versatile lover to yourself and your partner

for Couples

  • Learn new ways to give and receive touch
  • Create new patterns of intimacy
  • Deepen physical and spiritual connection
  • Learn intimate massages from a professional
  • Get new inspiration to add to your love making repertoire
  • Restore communication about your needs and desires

Kundalini awakening

  • Kundalini awakening can be overwhelming. I offer help and guidance for those who have had a Kundalini awakening
  • Guidance for those who suspect they are on the verge of activating their internal energy flow.
  • Even if you notice a mysterious inner vibration and want to explore it further
  • If you desire to have a kundalini awakening, I can assess what is happening in your body's energy flow. I can see where your blocks are and what you need to do to move past them.
  • I offer guidance for couples on how to support energy orgasms in each other as well as ways to weave the energy during love making

Kundalini, Life-force awakening with plant medicine

A speciality process in three parts: Preparation - activation and de-brief.
This is not for everyone, but the help of Cannabis has been very successful in awakening a deeper dimension of sensing into the body.

  • Access Divine consciousness, healing and wisdom through the body
  • Activate the energy flow of life-force in your body
  • Understand and feel the energy channels through your body
  • Release and heal emotional trauma held in the body
Leán Bakker

Hello, I'm Leán Bakker

My journey revolves around the profound exploration of embodiment and spiritual growth. Initially trained as a professional contemporary dancer, I ventured into choreography and performance art to delve into the intricate language of the body's movements, constantly attuned to the rhythm of life coursing through me. You can explore more of my artistic endeavours at

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I am a certified Voice and Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner. VMT is a modality that delves into the nuanced expression of emotions through voice, breath, and posture, recognising the perpetual dance between body and soul. To learn more about Voice Movement Therapy, please visit:

In 2018, at the age of 49, I underwent a profound physical, spiritual awakening. This awakening, also called Kundalini awakening, manifests as:
- Waves of Bliss Energy rippling through my body.
- An almost overwhelming awareness of beauty, especially in nature.
- Full-body orgasms orgasms.
- An understanding of being part of the Universal life-force

I am continuously refining and nurturing this physical, spiritual path.

in 2024,  during a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat, I had another enlightenment.  Following a Bhuddist meditation technique focusing on body sensations I meditated into the next dimension, also called the New Earth. I saw through the veil of illusion. It is quite overwhelming and also wonderful.  The bliss state or 'heaven on earth' is a state we are able to access through daily practices. I now know that the path to enlightenment is through the body - exactly as Jesus and Buddha taught us.

My life's mission now is to translate this inner awakening into tangible experiences for others, drawing upon a lifetime of honing body awareness skills. My approach is grounded in practicality and accessibility, guiding individuals deeper into their feeling bodies to uncover their energetic essence, also known as life-force flow.

While I do not teach the Tantra philosophy, I gently lead individuals on a journey of self-discovery, facilitating a deeper understanding of their energetic selves and fostering a profound connection to the pulsating rhythm of life within.

More about Tantra:

What is Tantra?

What is the first idea that comes to mind when you hear the word Tantra?

Most beginners would say sex or some spinoff of sex, such as: sacred sexuality, a spiritual approach to sex, sex for better relationships and deeper intimacy, kinky sex to spice up your sex life, or some erotic, acrobatic positions to achieve sexual fulfillment.

The truth of the matter is: Tantra is none of the above! Which begs the question…

Tantra is not sex

Tantra is not sex. While it is true that there are teachings that address sex and sexuality within the breadth of all that is Tantra, these are not, by far, the basis of this expansive and extensive system. In fact, the tantric sex teachings represent only 5%-10% of the tantric knowledge.

What is Tantra, really?

Tantra is a tradition rich in spiritual technologies, techniques and practices which are clearly defined in a collection of scriptures dating back to 300 and 400 CE. Those numerous and varied texts pertain to any of several esoteric traditions rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.

The word Tantra is made up by the joining of two Sanskrit words: tanoti (expansion) and rayati (liberation). In this sense, Tantra means the liberation of energy and expansion of the consciousness beyond its gross form. In other words, Tantra is a method to expand the mind and liberate the dormant potential energy.

In short – and as a VERY simplified definition – we can define Tantra according to two primary and fundamental principles:

  1. Tantra is the science and study of energy
  2. Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path for the evolution of the human soul and consciousness

Am I a Tantra teacher?

Tantra is a path, but not the only path to wholeness in the body and soul. I never refer to Shakti, Shiva or Kali and we do not teach the tantric philosophies.  These are merely deities and symbols to help people understand the energy and the evolution of human consciousness. People can easily get entrapped by worshipping symbols and rituals, while missing the essence of the teaching.

I prefer to work directly with the body and not to spend too much time teaching any of the tantric philosophies. As Voice Movement therapist, I believe the body has a way to speak to itself and to heal itself. During a session we use touch, breath, movement and voice to help you access the life essence within you.

I teach you how to:

  • Feel your body
  • Accept all emotions an and give expression to all emotions
  • Accept pleasure in your body
  • Direct the flow of sexual energy trough the body
  • Have full-body orgasms
  • Connect to your ability to feel pleasure
  • Have reverence for your body and your partner's body
  • Feel that you are connected to your spirit, through your physical body
Tantric coaching in Cape Town

How much can you feel?

I teach people how to reconnect with their bodies.  Using visualisation, breath, movement, touch and voice to bring you home to your body.

I always say: "How much can you feel?" When we start connecting to our bodies, we feel all our emotions - all of them. This means being truly alive, truly present to all that you are.

Pleasure is important

To allow oneself to experience pleasure is both liberating and empowering. One feels so much richer if one is fully expressed as a sexual, sensual being. Couples who are able to evolve together sexually, usually enjoy a better relationship.

Leán Bakker, sex coach in Cape Town

You are energy

Where the attention goes the energy flows.  We are able to move pleasure in ripples through our bodies - this takes a bit of practice. First we become aware of the subtle sensations in the body and with practice the sensations become stronger. This pleasure flow through the body allows for a deep spiritual experience of self and also for long, satisfying full-body orgasms.

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