The Pleasure of Full Body Orgasms


6 week self-study course

Who is this course for?

  • Women who want to connect to their ability to orgasm
  • Couples who want to connect more deeply on a conscious sexual level
  • Women who want to have vaginal orgasms
  • Couples who want to experience full body orgasms together
  • Heterosexual couples and/or female gay couples

What you will learn in this course:

  • You will learn how to have full-body orgasms and vaginal orgasms all by yourself.
  • You will then learn how to bring your orgasmic self to your partner in love making.

How it works:

  • In the first 4 weeks of the course you work on your own to learn how to connect with your own body and how to switch on your own orgasm.
  • In week 5 and 6 you connect with your lover, while staying present in your own body and pleasure.