Awareness - Presence - Bliss



with Leán Bakker

Leán Bakker


Consciousness is really just awareness. Being aware of what is of what is happening inside and around you. It is about observing your feelings, thoughts and intentions in every moment.

You can say this to yourself:
"I am pure consciousness. Every thought and feeling I have, has immense power. When I am sexually aroused, I am razor sharp. I choose to use this intensity to the benefit of myself and all that is."


To be present is to be fully in the moment. Go within and feel what is happening inside the body. Relaxing into the body  opens us to a well of creativity.  Be authentic and sincere, fill every second with all of you. Be present to what is moving in you. Act from a place of authenticity and only do what is true for you.


Connecting to bliss is a gateway to living an orgasmic life. Forget about chasing goals. Surrender to every ounce of pleasure. This state will enable magic to unfold. The bliss we experience in our bodies is the key to unlocking bliss in our entire life.

Each one of us was created from sexual energy and it is through this energy and our sexuality that new life flows. This life-force is a spark in the eye, a lust for life and an ease of self-expression.



Our connection to our sexuality happens when we look within, when we re-establish a connection to our own bodies and our own emotions. It is easy to fall into the habit of allowing the mind to wonder. Connection to the body brings us home to ourselves. Moving the focus out of the busy thinking mind and into the landscape of the body, allows for a more whole-hearted connection to all that we are.


Part of awakening to ourselves again is to be able to receive touch, to feel safe enough to feel everything.  Through disconnect, abuse, hurt, trauma and shame our bodies can create armouring to protect us from feeling. Physical touch is a direct channel to re-connecting to the physical and emotional body. In turn the awareness to sensations inside the body can be used as a guidance system for following our truth in life.


That delicious feeling of sexual excitement can be spread throughout the entire body. Making the connection between  the heart, the eyes, the back of the neck - every cell in the body. It ignites the entire being. This feel-good force can ripple throughout the entire body in waves and waves of bliss. This energy can also be called Chi or Shakti flow. I see it as the energy that is experienced in full body orgasms and it can be felt by men and by women.


The man in the video is already very familiar with his own life-force energy flow. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate what a the full body orgasm looks like in a man.


I am registered Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner.
VMT is an expressive arts therapy that recognise the voice, body and emotions as being deeply inter-connected. The work engages breath, voice, movement and massage to aid clients towards wholeness.   My therapeutic training helps me greatly in understanding boundaries, integration of the anima and animus, the power of the imagination and the impact of what the body can teach us.
For more about Voice Movement Therapy, visit:

I started my career as professional contemporary dancer in 1988 as one of the founder members of the PACT dance company. I am a choreographer and a performance artist - see more of my art on:
I still perform from time to time and I facilitate a weekly expressive dance session in Kalk Bay.

In February  2020, I participated in the ISTA Level 1 training in Spiritual Shamanic Sexuality. This is a big JUMP into a new dimension of being.


At the age of 49, I experienced a profound sexual awakening. What happened is that I became fully present with feeling my body. My whole body became alive to experiencing pleasure. The more I opened myself up to experiencing pleasure, the more it expanded.  The most life altering experience for me was when I became fully present within my vagina. It was like a long forgotten nerve suddenly connected and my consciousness spread into every single part of my femininity. This awareness snapped me out of victim mode and into an empowered participant in my relating and my attitude to life.

Shortly after my awakening I produced a performance video that describes what I am feeling inside my body. The best way for me to communicate this awareness, is to show the emotional and physical pleasure I am feeling as a multi-faceted woman.

This is a video about the flow of chi or orgasmic energy.



This is a talk for women about the taboo topic of the Blowjob.
Becoming aware of the vital information we are communicating when engaging in oral sex - it is either loaded with negativity or charged with love consciousness.