Sacred Sexuality: Making Love with the Light Body

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How do we make love with the light body? Imagine it as a form of intimacy where we transcend our physical selves, becoming avatars or aliens. It’s a profound shift in how we experience connection. Traditionally, making love centers around the genitals-it’s cool and fun. However, the light body way of making love transforms this act into something far more spiritual and holistic.

Connecting to the Light Body

In this sacred approach, each individual- let’s imagine a couple – taps into their own light body. This means diving so deeply within that they feel the light of Consciousness flowing through them, recognising the Divine essence in every single cell and atom of their being. By understanding the energy between their atoms as the Divine Life Source, they embody the archetypes of the God and the Goddess.

Realising the Divine Flow

When we enter this sacred space, we connect to the universal life force, alive and vibrant within our bodies. Our partner does the same, recognizing the Divine Life Source within themselves. As both bodies become illuminated with this awareness, from the genitals to all the chakras, from the top of the head to the toes and fingertips, an all-encompassing Consciousness flows through.

The Intelligence of Sacred Love

This heightened awareness brings with it a profound intelligence-a light and vibrancy coursing through every part of our being. Achieving this state requires dedication and effort from each individual, enabling them to access their entire light body and channel this awareness through themselves.

The Full-Body Orgasmic Bliss

When two people in this enlightened state make love, they enter a full-body orgasmic bliss that transcends the genitals. Suddenly, they become aware of the pleasure and aliveness throughout their entire bodies. Coming together with a partner in this way can trigger absolute bliss explosions as they connect heads, shoulders, and hearts. It’s like streams of awareness pulsing together, a remembrance of a divine state we had forgotten but are capable of accessing.

Remembering a Higher Dimension

Every time we engage in this sacred lovemaking, we tap into a remembrance-a memory that might transcend time, connecting us to another dimension of being. Both partners are plugged into the universal Consciousness, moving beyond worldly ideas into celestial lovemaking. This connection allows them to touch an incredible intelligence flowing through their bodies, staying in a blissful state for extended periods.

Healing and Alignment

Initially, it might be challenging to connect this divine state to the genitals because of old-world programming. However, with practice, we can activate the lower chakra and integrate it with the other chakras. This remembrance of a higher state of consciousness allows us to experience a different form of love.

When both partners weave this energy, they create a magnificent spark, more potent than any traditional connection. They’re not just two individuals coming together; they’re channeling the universal life force into their union. This sacred coming together is rich with intelligence and playfulness, healing and aligning both bodies.

Creating a New Consciousness

Engaging in this form of sacred sexuality increases the presence of the universal life force on our planet. We bring down the universal Consciousness, merging heaven and earth within our being. This is the new Consciousness, the new Earth we are birthing through sacred sexuality, sacred work, and sacred alignment.

Doing the work

To embark on this sacred journey, each person must align themselves with the Divine Life Source. Only then can they merge with another aligned soul to make Sacred Love.
I believe in you.
Go out and make love-proper love.
Bring Heaven to Earth.
I love you

– Leán Bakker

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