My Vipassana Meditation Retreat: A Journey Beyond the Veil

Recently, I participated in a Vipassana meditation retreat—a profound experience involving 10 days of silence and 11 hours of meditation per day. During this retreat, I had a beautiful peek through the veil into another dimension, and I’d like to share my experience with you. Later, I’ll make another post with more details on how we practice this meditation technique.

The Retreat Experience

The retreat consisted of 10 days of silence with a group of 50 fellow meditators, and each day included 11 hours of Buddhist meditation. The core of the practice involved using our awareness to scan the sensations of the body. We did this continuously throughout the day, with breaks in between.

An Encounter with Nature

Early in the retreat, I found myself walking outside and practicing a technique where I pushed my awareness into the edges of my body, extending to my extremities. This heightened awareness made nature reveal itself in all its magnificence. The trees seemed to whisper, and the plants showcased their fantastic shapes and colours. It was like perceiving heaven on earth —an experience of pure beauty.

A Transformative Experience

On day eight, while meditating in my room after drinking a lot of water and moving my spine, I suddenly started purging. Before this, I felt a sensation of light entering my body. My whole being felt like it was made of light, and when I stepped outside, the world appeared more beautiful than I could have ever imagined—bright, vibrant, and almost ethereal.

Everything seemed to pulse with energy, and I felt myself vibrating in harmony with nature. The intensity of this experience was overwhelming, and I began to panic, fearing that if I released into this pulse, I would cease to exist as a 3D being. It felt like I was perceiving reality as a thin, beautiful reflection.

Grounding Myself

In my heightened state, I spoke to a facilitator, explaining that I felt like I was tripping on a powerful hallucinogen, even though I hadn't taken any. To ground myself, I used techniques I practice with my clients, lying on the grass, letting the energy ripple through me and into earth. This grounding helped me manage the overwhelming pulse and brought me back to a more stable state.

Returning to Normalcy

The experience persisted, but I managed to contain it. Tying my hair into a bun helped me feel more anchored. That evening, during a lecture and another meditation session, I kept my eyes open to control the intensity. By the next day, I was still in a state of bliss, seeing beauty everywhere, but gradually, I was getting accustomed to it.

In our final meditation, I experienced a profound awareness that extended beyond the walls of the room. I could feel the mountains and valleys outside, perceiving them with a sense of clarity that was both subtle and expansive.

A New Perspective on Reality

During my dimensional peek, it felt like I could see with every cell of my body. This new way of perceiving reality, without the interpretive mind, opened up massive possibilities. Driving back from the retreat, I was in awe of the beauty of the Western Cape. Everything around me was a heavenly movie—so vibrant and alive.

We stopped for coffee by a small stream, and the sheer perfection of the plants and the scene brought me to tears. Watching children play by the brook reminded me of how, as children, we still perceive the world in all its magnificence with ouncluttered innocence.

Awakening the Sixth Sense

I believe it’s time to awaken our sixth sense—the ability to see things as they truly are, hear beyond the ordinary, and touch through the veil of reality. In my next post, I’ll describe the technique to activate this sense, allowing us to peek into the next dimension and experience the world in its true beauty.

Some of you are ready for this awakening. When you hear these words, you know it.

Stay tuned for more insights and techniques from my Vipassana meditation practice.

I see you

- Leán Bakker

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